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I know I commented in the specific event thread, but I wanted to pull out a special thread here with my feedback on the MN Track day that was held last Friday.

Friday wasn't my first day at a track, and going in I had experienced a few different levels of organization & wasn't sure what to expect. I arrived a bit late due to traffic & construction given that I was driving 4 hours to make it there!

Regardless of my tardiness, I was impressed from the moment that I arrived. The focus was on making the event fun for the drivers. The team from Road Closed was attentive to what we wanted and based on the group size they elected to run a single group with the sole purpose of giving us more track time. To say that it was appreciated was an understatement. The track itself was good, and any issues we reported with cone setup etc was addressed between sessions.

Seeing an event focused on letting the people drive was a welcomed experience. You really get your money worth with the event and they did good job communicating the procedures and rules of their event. Even to those of us that were running late.

If you get a chance I strongly recommend going, I know I'm doing my best to be able to make the June one, just not sure if schedules will allow.

Mitchel Sellers
IowaComputerGurus, Inc.

Thank your for organizing the event! Guys and gals I've driven that track for 20 years with more cars than I can count. This event for the slings is by far the most fun I have ever had on that track! Not only fun but the drive time you get is amazing. Soo much that I actually got tired of driving soo much and that has never happened on a 700+ hp car on that track. Be sure to sign up for the next one you will not regret it.

Henry Chan
Alpha Powersports

If you own a Slingshot you really should attend this event. A closed course, safe place to have some fun and explore the limits of your new vehicle! Jon and his crew are awesome and made the first event worth going to. Laid back atmosphere, friendly drivers/owners, a knowledgable vendor and dealer on hand to answer questions and provide information on vehicle setup and driving techniques. Can't wait to see everyone on the 26th of June!

Scott Riley
Sport Rider Inc

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