Hedonistic Enthusiasm

 Hedonistic Enthusiasm Intro: Want to increase your riding skills and explore your limits—and the limits of your machine? Try some Hedonistic Enthusiasm! HE is for riders with little or no formal motorcycle training. Get expert instruction and practice cornering skills on a closed-off driving course at the Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, Minnesota. No cars, no sand, no pedestrians, no deer, no speeding tickets. Take control of your mind and your machine. Spend a day with us blowing out the winter cobwebs! Master cornering techniques: visual directional control, the art of counter steering, street-savvy traction management, high performance throttle control, seamless transitioning, and more. What Is HE?: The seminar originated as a service to Minnesota Sportbike (www.mn-sportbike.org) members, a group that is all about group riding. We got together several times a month to share what is arguably mankind's greatest creation: Motorcycling! But group riding can have its pitfalls. Lots of riders who are new to riding or new to the group come out and crash trying to fit in. Us longtime folks never want to see that happen. So years ago we started a tradition: Rent a little spot with some good pavement and clear sight lines to give the newer members a chance to get used to riding "The Pace" in a group setting. We made it fun, made it cheap, and riders showed us that they were serious about their riding and safety. Here's what it is: You get to spend a whole day meeting new friends and riding on a closed course. No traffic, no sandy corners, no animals--no distractions! Experienced riders, Central Roadracing Association expert racers, and other experts in the sport, provide drills to work on, ideas to think about, will watch you ride and provide valuable feedback and encouragement. We want you to improve as motorcyclists. We are going to make you better. We want you to come out and join us in the twisties this summer and not have to worry that you'll get in over your head. We want to make your group riding experience the best possible experience and get everyone home safe and shiny. Read about "Pace" riding style here: http://www.fjrowners.com/pace.html Price is $75, register through PayPal by clicking on the button below. May 24, 2020 $75 See Dates/Registration page.

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