What to Expect

This is what you can expect at a motorcycle track day with Road Closed Promotions, where you’ll tear up the racetrack with fellow sport bike addicts, elevate your skill and have the time of your life doing it:
When you first get to the track find a spot to designate as your pit area. Registration and technical inspection (tech) open at 7 a.m. on the event day.
At registration, you choose which class you want to ride in, Supermoto, intermediate, Advanced.
The next step is to take your sport bike and riding gear to tech inspection. Preparation is key.
After tech inspection, you return to your pit area. You may see Control Riders (CRs)* on the track for an initial sighting and warm-up session. Listen up for an announcement about the riders' meeting -- this is a short meeting (about half an hour) focused on track learning rather than theory. You'll also be notified of any changes to the schedule, track hazards and other important information to enhance your track day.
Pending weather and safety conditions, you can expect about seven to nine 15-minute track sessions per event. To ensure safety and to maintain a controlled environment with minimal track traffic, all riders are categorized into riding classifications according to skill level (see above) and the number of participants per group is limited. Some minor bike preparation is required, depending on riding group. We will use highly experienced and advanced instructors, also known as Control Riders (CRs)*, to ensure rider safety and provide riding instruction. If you want to talk to a CR, just look for their orange vests. Ask them any track or tech questions you have and benefit from their experience and advice. They'll tell you what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong and what you should do to refine your ride and elevate your skill.